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Suri Alpacas produce lustrous fleece for use in making luxury garments and fiber arts and crafts. Our herd has strong Accoyo genetics and several of our animals have fleece ranked in the top 15% on their EPD results. We have Suri alpacas that are white, beige, and light fawn. The light fleece is easy to dye or leave as natural colors. We sell alpacas, alpaca fleece, and alpaca manure at our farm and in our online store.

Alpacas make a wonderful addition to your farm. They are quiet, easy on pasture, and easy to care for. Since they are herd animals, you'll need two alpacas to get started. We have a few alpacas listed below that are for sale.

Alpacas are one of four types of camelids native to South America. They are herd animals related to llamas, vicunas and guanacos. Alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years, and are bred as livestock for their fleece just like sheep in countries around the world. Alpaca fleece is lighter, warmer, hypo-allergenic and more resilient than wool. Their shearing produces 5-10 lbs of fleece per animal per year. Our alpacas are shorn in the spring, and are pictured above in the field after shearing. Normally Suri fleece lays in long locks and moves in the wind when they run.

Alpacas are smaller, more docile and less protective than llamas, and are one half the size, usually weighing between 140-200 lbs when fully grown. They are quiet, graceful, curious and beautiful to watch as they graze and play on pasture.

Suri Alpacas are rare, making up only 10% of the total alpaca population. Suri fleece is naturally silky, smooth, cool to the touch, with high luster. Suri has a natural drape and sheen which makes it perfect for flowing luxury garments. The other type of alpaca is Huacaya, and Huacaya alpacas have a puffier teddy-bear appearance and crimpy wool similar to sheep. Fiber is classified in 16 colors in the United States.

Alpacas graze on pasture, and eat grass hay and alpaca feed pellets. They are easy to manage and train on halter and for transport. Alpacas rest and stay warm on the ground in a cush position, with their feet tucked under their bodies. Males are territorial and are usually kept separate from females. They enjoy wresting and challenging each other. Alpacas make little noise, they can hum or orgle occasionally to communicate with each other. When they are unhappy with each other or threatened they put their ears back and can spit like a camel. Alpacas have soft foot pads with two toes instead of hooves so are easier on pasture than other livestock with hooves. They have their teeth and toe nails trimmed at least annually.

Alpaca manure is fertile and easy to manage. The alpacas usually all poop in the same one or two communal dung piles, making collection and composting easier than with other animals.

An alpaca baby is called a cria. Alpaca gestation time is 11 months, and usually only one cria is born per year.

Sasha as a cria

Alpacas for Sale

Five Maples Storm Front by Mandiba
Storm Front male alpaca

ARI# 31742726


Price: $1600

Stud Fee: $550

Storm Front is a 5 year old proven male with white fleece.

Storm Front's Jolene of GAFNC
Jolene - recent photo coming soon- female alpaca

ARI# 36111978


Price: $2800

Breeding is available for an additional fee.

Jolene is now 14 months old and is ready to breed.

Our alpacas have strong Accoyo genetics and their pedigrees are available here on the website. Some have been fiber tested and their epd ratings are available also.

We have one female and one male alpaca for sale as of 1/8/22. Our three males are also available for stud service.

Alpaca Sales Policy

Alpaca sales require a 1/2 deposit to hold an animal until the agreed pickup date. Financing may be available, but in general funds must be cleared before pickup for the balance due. We accept cash and paypal, with a 3% service charge. The buyer is responsible for transport and any veterinary costs for transport documentation and testing. We will provide the full health record and registration transfer papers with a bill of sale once payment is completed. Our animals are all registered with the Alpaca Owners Association.

Alpaca Fleece Products

We sell raw and washed fleece from our farm and our Etsy store. Later in the year we will have more alpaca products for sale.

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Alpaca Manure for Your Garden

Alpaca manure makes an excellent balanced fertilizer since it has less organic matter than other manures. It can be used as side dressing with or without without composting, and will not burn the plants. You can also make a compost tea with 1 cup manure to 1 gallon of water, and let it sit for 3-5 days.

Manure Chemical Comparison - Nitrogen, Phosphoric Acid, Potash

We offer manure for biosecure driveway pickup at our farm by appoinment only. Customers can fill their own container and manure is priced by the lb, at $5 for 10 lbs, $20 for 50 lbs. We may have some old 50 lb feed bags available to fill.

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