Pasture Raised Chickens and Fresh Eggs

Graceful Acres Farm raises dual-purpose chickens on pasture. We sell eggs, grown chickens and chicks from our farm in Pittsboro, North Carolina with covid-safe driveway pickup. The chicken breeds that we are currently growing include:

  • French Copper Maran
  • Black Australorp
  • New Hampshire Red
  • Silver and Black Wyandotte

We sell chicks in the spring and summer, and grown chickens year round.

Our birds are started in small pens with a coop, then moved and raised in large mobile electric pens on pasture. We feed them organic feed and non-gmo scratch that includes omega-3 and they run around enjoying pasture greens and bugs in the field. We rotate our birds to fresh ground regularly to maintain health and ensure a variety of fresh feed sources. Our hens are productive year round depending on the winter weather here in North Carolina.

Chicken Pricing:

  • Chicks Straight Run $5
  • Hens-producing $30
  • Young Pullets $25
  • Roosters $10

We accept Paypal or cash payments.

Chickens for Sale

We will have chickens and chicks for sale in the early summer.

Fresh Eggs for Your Kitchen

egg varieties

We offer fresh egg subscriptions with driveway pickup on the farm by appointment for covid safety. Our eggs are picked daily. They are washed in mild soap, packed and refrigerated with care. You will receive a variety of eggs from multiple breeds, mostly brown in color. We do not sell eggs more than two weeks old, they are donated to the food bank or recycled in compost.

Weekly Subscribers receive our freshest eggs, usually laid within days from pickup. If you'd like to bring back and reuse your cartons, we can label them with your name and keep them separate for safety and sustainability.

  • Eggs-weekly subscription $5 per dozen x 4 = $20 for 4 weeks
  • Eggs-one time $6

Chicken Sales Policy

All chicken sales are final. Chickens are healthy at the time of sale. It is always a good idea to separate your chickens when they are new, and allow them time to adjust and be separate from your other birds. Our chckens are fed organic feed, non-gmo grain, weeds, vegetable scraps and healthy pasture greens and bugs.

Chicks are sold straight-run until they are old enough to be sexed accurately. For chicks that we hatch, they will be given the Mareks vaccine. For chickens that we sourced elsewhere, we can let you know the age and source of the bird, and if they were vaccinated. We have never had an outbreak of Mareks or other disease in our flock.

We offer mature pullets and roosters from time to time. If pullets are producing, they may need to time adjust to continue the same productivity.

We are a small woman-owned farm. Buy local and support fresh produce and healthy livestock in your community!