Sustainable Farming in Pittsboro, NC

Welcome to Graceful Acres Farm! We are a small woman-owned farm that grows healthy livestock, chickens, fresh eggs, flowers, herbs and vegetables using sustainable methods and organic soil inputs.

Graceful Acres Farm was started in 2018 on ten partially wooded acres of land just outside of downtown Pittsboro. We have a small herd of Suri Alpacas and Dwarf Nigerian Goats, and a flock of 4 breeds of pasture-raised chickens. We practice pasture and crop rotation. Our animals, crop diversity and low-till practices enrich the soil. We don't use any pest controls, herbicides, or fungicides that are not organic or OMRI approved.

Our farm family includes two Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dogs named Gibson and Rocky, two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Gracie and Rosie, and our barn cat Toby.

Rocky and Gibson outside guardian dogs Gracie and Rosie inside guardian dogs Toby the barn cat
We are a small woman-owned farm. Buy local and support fresh produce and healthy livestock in your community!